About us

The Registry of Societies of Malaysia is a department under the Ministry of Home Affairs handling non-governmental organisations and political parties. The main functions of the department are to administer and enforce the Societies Act 1966, Societies Regulations 1984 and policies as well as to enhance good relations with the societies in line with the Government Transformation Programme and technologies nowadays.

Beginning 2010, the Registrar of Societies Malaysia has taken an initiative towards department computerization where on January 16, 2012 Registrar of Societies electronic system (eRoses) were introduced and the number of usage has increased since.In line with the success of the system, demand to establish a communication network applications from Societies to Society received from the public, especially members of the organization. Several steps were taken to gather information to develop an application that can be used as continuity to the efforts of Department Computerization. It is now extended also to Computerising the Societies by lengthening the access of information from e-Roses to mySociety. IWCON (ICT World Communication Network), a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (MyROS) has developed a software application (Apps), named MySociety. It is designed to enhance the quality of service among its members and society. MySociety application is specially designed for the convenience of the organization and the members.

It is a mobile application included with the latest technology that offers mySociety members experience of information sharing in mobile applications and bring them closer to society. This application not only provides a communication network organization, but will also prolong the benefits received from the development of eRoses system to the organization. It is also seen as a reward to the organization on the migration efforts made by them. The project and efforts taken will provide societies a comprehensive Management System( Total Management Solutions).

MySociety application intended to be a new channel to transmit information using the mobile application segment besides improving the quality of service among its members and society. It is accessible by members of the Society and Public as a communication medium across the country and information sharing can be implemented under one roof. MySociety members can communicate directly through e-mail and feedback can be received immediately. The concept of integrated digitalization in this application help the public and members of the society to identify the validity and existence of a legal society registered under the Department. In addition, it enables the society to promote and market their organizations using the media technology and also help in increasing the number of registered members.